Limitations on Shared Web Hosting By Different Providers

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The shared hosting comes with limitation in terms of resource utilization. The hardware resources of the shared account are limited so one user can not utilize more resources than he is allowed. This will make the server stable and it will not be slow for others users. Different hosts use different limits. Few of them list their limitations which is good thing as a normal user doesn’t know what is buying. We have listed the limitations placed by few of the popular providers.


Shared Hosting

Shared Hosting PlanFree Trial 1 & StarterEconomyDeluxeUltimateMaximum
CPU (Accessible cores)11122
Memory/RAM (MB)51251251210002000
I/O (KB/sec)10001000100010002000
Entry processes
(Concurrent connections)
Files (inodes)250,000250,000250,000250,000250,000
Disk space30 GB100 GBUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited
Maximum email accounts10100500UnlimitedUnlimited

Business Hosting

Business Hosting PlanLaunchEnhanceGrowExpandEstablishedMature
CPU (Accessible Cores)123444
Memory / RAM (GB)24681632
Disk Space (GB) 16090120150240480
SSL CertificateIncludedIncludedIncludedIncludedIncludedIncluded

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Blue Host

  • We only allow 50,000 inodes per cPanel account.
  • With the upgrade to a Pro, Woo Pro, or WP Pro account, the inode limit is increased to 300,000.

All websites hosted on Bluehost Brasil‘s Shared Web Hosting servers are actively monitored, to ensure that they do not impact the performance of other websites hosted on the same server.

Some of the parameters that websites are monitored are mentioned however no exact limitations have been given.

  • Number of concurrent/simultaneous connections a website can make to the server,
  • CPU utilization in terms of a percentage of what is set aside for websites hosted on the server,
  • Memory utilization in terms of a percentage of what is set aside for websites hosted on the server,
  • Number of concurrent/simultaneous processes a user can run on the server,
  • Number of concurrent/simultaneous Database connections a website can make,
  • Number of queries that can be run on a Database in an hour’s span.

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Host Mayo

Shared Hosting PlanDisk space (GB)CPU (Accessible cores)Memory/RAM (GB)I/O (MB/sec)IOPSEntry processesConcurrent connectionsFiles (inodes)
Reseller Hosting PlanDisk space (GB)CPU (Accessible cores)Memory/RAM (GB)I/O (MB/sec)IOPSEntry processesConcurrent connectionsFiles (inodes)
Starter Reseller201151,0242050NA
Economy Reseller401151,0242050NA
Professional Reseller801151,0242050NA
Enterprise Reseller1501151,0242050NA
Business Hosting PlanDisk space (GB)CPU (Accessible cores)Memory/RAM (GB)I/O (MB/sec)IOPSEntry processesConcurrent connectionsFiles (inodes)
WordPress Hosting PlanDisk space (GB)CPU (Accessible cores)Memory/RAM (GB)I/O (MB/sec)IOPSEntry processesConcurrent connectionsFiles (inodes)

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Name Hero

Hard Inode Limitations

  • Starter Hosting – 250,000
  • Plus Hosting – 250,000
  • Turbo Hosting – 500,000
  • Business Hosting – 500,000

Hard CPU Limitations

NameHero recognizes that CPU usage isn’t constant. There may be short bursts of activity that require extensive processing on your site – and that’s fine as long as it doesn’t last too long. To this end, an account can only use 25% of the CPU for less than 90 seconds at a time.

Activity Restrictions

In addition to the CPU usage limit above, there are certain limits with regard to CPU consuming activities that are not allowed. For example, SQL queries are extremely CPU intensive, often using up the entire amount available until the query is completed. NameHero doesn’t allow any MySQL query to run for longer than 15 seconds. We also don’t allow programs that run as spiders or web crawlers.

Another activity of interest is running the server for purposes beyond that of web hosting. For example, you can’t create a gaming server such as Minecraft or COD, since these will place unacceptable loads not just on the CPU, but on bandwidth as well.

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Host Gator

  • It is unlikely that you hit the 25% CPU usage for 90 seconds at a time, unless your site is script intensive and requires more processing.
  • There is a limit of 25 simultaneous process per cPanel.
  • There is a soft limit of 100,000 files per cPanel; however, accounts that exceed over 250,000 files will be in direct violation of our Terms of Service and will be susceptible to being suspended. 
  • HostGator allows a maximum of 25 simultaneous MySQL connections per cPanel on shared servers. This limit can be raised for VPS and dedicated servers.
  • The 25 simultaneous database connections should be sufficient. Most database connections open and close within a fraction of a second. A forum with 500 active members will rarely hit this 25 simultaneous connections.
  • The SQL server will timeout after 60 seconds of inactivity for Linux hosting (shared and reseller). On Windows shared hosting, the MySQL Server will timeout after 30 seconds of inactivity. VPS and dedicated servers can have different limits.

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Accu Webhosting

PlansLinux PersonalLinux BusinessLinux Enterprise
CPU25% (1 Core)35% (1 Core)50% (1 Core)
Physical Memory/RAM (MB)102412801536
I/O (KB/s)102412801536
Entry Processes
(Concurrent connections)
Number of processes100100100
Files (Inodes)250000250000250000
Outgoing emails 500 emails / hour 500 emails / hour500 emails / hour 
MySQL connections40 connections / user40 connections / user40 connections / user

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Name Cheap

Resource TypeAny SharedStellar Plus/UltimateStellar Business/Business SSD
CPU Limit, %204060
Physical Memory Limit, GB122
maxEntryProc limit, N203040
IO, MB/s505050
We may allow any shared account to burst up to*
CPU Limit, %100200400
Physical Memory Limit, GB468

NOTE: The burst allowance is used to stabilize the operation of the website during peak intervals. If your account/server employs the higher burstable resources on a consistent basis, an upgrade to a package with higher resource availability should be considered.
Reseller accounts

Resource TypeNebula/Level 1 ResellerGalaxy Expert/Level 2 ResellerUniverse Pro/Level 3 ResellerLevel 4 Reseller
CPU Limit, %800160024003200
Physical Memory Limit, GB481216
maxEntryProc limit, N80160240320
IO, MB/s2048409661448192

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