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How To Turnoff PHP Error Notifications in VestaCP Edit in php.ini. To See how to edit php.ini please go to Server>Configure httpd> Configure php.ini display_errors = Offlog_errors = Onerror_log = error_log Or just simply type off against the error reporting under basic configuration of php under VestaCP.

Which ports are used by cPanel/WHM?

The cPanel and WHM use the following ports: 2082 cPanel TCP inbound 2083 cPanel SSL TCP inbound 2086 WHM TCP inbound 2087 WHM SSL TCP inbound 2089 cPanel license TCP outbound 2095 Webmail TCP inbound 2096 Webmail SSL TCP inbound Overall you would require following ports to be opened up in your firewall 20 FTP …

Limitations on Shared Web Hosting By Different Providers

The shared hosting comes with limitation in terms of resource utilization. The hardware resources of the shared account are limited so one user can not utilize more resources than he is allowed. This will make the server stable and it will not be slow for others users. Different hosts use different limits. Few of them …