Affiliate Program

Mayo Host affiliate program offers 10% recurring commission on all products and services.

How To Use Affiliate Program

1. Sign up on Mayo Host at:

2. Login To Your Account :

3. Click on Affiliates on Top Menu bar.

4. Click on Activate Affiliate.

5. Now you will see Affiliate dashboard as shown below.

5. Scroll down a little and you will find your Referral Link.

6. You will get 10% commission for every order made through your referral link.

How Affiliate Program Works

The affiliate system gives you a website link which you can share with anyone through email, blog, post or any other means. The provided link has a unique code associated with your account. It creates a cookie (a small piece of data) on the computer of user who clicks your link. Once the user buys any product, the cookie tells our system that this user was referred by you and we credit your account with the commission as per agreed terms. The cookie remains valid for 365 days from the day of shared link is clicked. This means that anyone visits our website using your referral link and orders later, he will still be counted as referred by you.
Please read more about cookies here.
Example of sharing link:

Payout After 15 Days

Payment will be made once 15 days have been passed from the date of order.

10$ Minimum Payout

Amount can be withdrawn once minimum payout has been reached. Minimum payout amount is only 10$.

1 Year Referral Validity

If someone clicks on your link and order anytime later within a year will count as your referred client.

Dashboard with Full Stats

The dashboard shows all details including number of clicks, completed orders, total earnings etc.